Diana - Cooperation opportunities

Sales representatives

DIANA company, in the framework of its dynamic development, is constantly in search of partners who can promote its products and services. If you are willing to cooperate with us, please send your CV to sales@diana-solar.grsales@diana-solar.gr

Mechanical Engineers

DIANA company is in constant search of engineers specialised in solar thermal energy, who could be responsible for:

  • research & development
  • product chain supervision & consultation
  • quality assurance

If you wish to collaborate with us, you can send your CV at career@diana-solar.gr

πρακτική άσκηση φοιτητών

Student training

DIANA offers an ideal environment for future engineers who are interested in elaborating the training activity or dissertation report, relevant to engineering, energy technology and marketing. Should you wish to cooperate with us, please send your CV to   career@diana-solar.gr

Partner Request Form

Complete the partner request form to contact with you for details.

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