Central Solar Systems

Central Solar Systems

Several years now the use of central solar system exists in many homes. Its function is similar to the common thermosyphon solar system with some advantages.

Most important thing is that the container can be placed anywhere in the building.

This improves the aesthetics of the house, especially in buildings with tiled roofs, while a tank and find indoors work more efficiently after losses to the environment are limited.

Extra because of this feature, the tank may have a size and needs of the building it serves.
An electronic mechanism undertakes to constantly check the temperature in the collectors and the hot water tank and continuously circulates the water to the tank warms days with sunshine.

If the sun is not the same electronic device sufficient activates the heating system of the house in order to heat the reservoir to the desired temperature.

Also through the electronic system protected solar collectors from breaking because of freezing, frequent occurrence during the winter months.

Its head is the solar sailer appropriate systems for large houses, apartment buildings, schools, hostels, hotels and in general where there is need for large water consumption. They can easily be converted into Combi anytime needed.

Κεντρικά Ηλιακά

1. Solar Collectors

2. Hot water tank

3. Secondary source

4. Electronic device

5. Consumption of hot water in the premises of the house

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